The Independence Day (2013)

August 14, 2013 at 16:07 ,

Mobarak Haider:

Pakistan has had a galaxy of glorious sons who have written and talked so much and performed so well since 1947 and before. I feel, therefore, that not much is left for me to write on Pakistan’s Independence day. A few lines, however, are possible like inaudible free associations of thought.

Our Muslim ancestors in the Indian subcontinent desired independence from the civilized world at a time in history when all nations and societies were becoming more and more dependent on one another. Freedom, perhaps, is not independence; nor independence is necessarily freedom. So we never became free. We never wished that. We were elated and proud to be slaves of an unquestionable dogma.

We drifted away from India and the world, leaving the highway of common survival, declaring our independence from science and human resource development. But we could not free ourselves of India or the West. We were never free to grow and outgrow. We are just independent; we do not allow anyone or anything to help stop our free fall.

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