Silent Screams

December 23, 2014 at 11:37 , ,

Waqaas Taimoor:

What we saw on blaring TV channels on the Black Day were the convulsive, heart-rending shocks of stupefaction and disbelief, administered one after another in a merciless series of paralyzing certainty. Thrown into sharper relief were our national security policymakers with their misplaced priorities and bloated egos who were seen scurrying for cover and constituting ad hoc committees. Characteristically, some saw fit to pass the buck by pointing accusative forefingers at our imaginary enemies to explain away the tragedy. Whoever wanted the searing questions to be thrown around anyway!

But, sadly and even more tragically, hardly a few, if any, struck at the heart of the problem. That the militant discourse and ideology, with its tentacles spread far and wide in society, had merely erupted into action. That the tragedy transpired owing in large part to our turning of a deaf ear to the prophetic and cautionary warnings of cassandras who cried themselves hoarse about the mushrooming presence of murderers and their murderous ideology in our midst. That, collectively, we squarely stand accused of butchery, in small measure or large, as we turned a blind eye while bloodthirsty fanatics roamed about freely usurping the public space. That pinning the blame on fictional foreign foe is nothing more than an escapist stratagem and does only but exacerbates the problem and does a grievous injustice to the slain schoolchildren.

Funerals, they say, give people a sense of closure. But the persecuted souls of our mercilessly martyred sons and daughters shall stay hovering about the purgatory of our sins. If we persist in the patterns of denial and despicable blame game, the tragedy might as well be a shadow of coming events.

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