Responsibility vs Ability

January 28, 2014 at 17:23 ,

Mobarak Haider:
Your responsibility ends where your ability ends.
But you are more responsible if you have greater ability.

The leaders of United States, Europe, Russian Federation and China have the most of responsibility because they have the greater ability. But they are doing nothing to build a world where all of us will live peacefully. We, the wretched of the Earth with our tragic lack of rights and resources, who can only groan under the tyranny, do groan as hard as we can but such groaning is nothing more than tragic.

The process of fast communication and transport, which Europeans started after their industrial progress, has now connected the world into a common world of all. We are at a voice call’s distance from one another. Our fights and friendships are no more local. Unfortunately our conflicts and complains are moving at a far greater speed than our friendships.

There are agents of hate and agents of love in human society. It is a tragedy that agents of hate are dominant in the contemporary world. They dominate our Muslim societies more easily because the Muslim ruling elite and “ulama” hate the modern world. They hate it for 3 reasons: (a) because the modern industrial powers removed our Muslim aristocracy from power everywhere in the world. (b) because modern ways of living and human rights are taking away their authority over their people and (c) because Muslims have been kept away from modern ways of thinking so long that now science and technology are hard for them to master. Syed Qutb, the ideologue of hate, shamelessly admitted this and preached violence against the Communist and Capitalist world alike.
Our Muslim middle classes are told that the modern world hates our religion. The fact is that the ruling classes of the Capitalist world have never hated Islam; they have supported it and are protecting it in their own lands even when the Shariah movements are making life difficult for the common Western public. Colonial capitalists did nothing with religious motives. They disturbed old rulers and systems everywhere from their own Europe to the far away China.

It is myopic to believe that disruptive hate and terror will remain confined to Muslim lands or to backward nations of the third world. It has already pushed the entire world to a state of high alert. Security checks and measures have taken away good deal of personal rights. Huge amounts of taxpayer money are being spent on security. This will increase with time. The world will become a difficult place to live instead of being peaceful.

President Obama and the Democrats, I think, are over optimistic about their plans of Energy Independence. They seem to represent the traditional mood of U.S. Isolationism, which may be good in its motives but meaningless in a closely compact world.

Those who enjoy the maximum fruit of modern civilization, have to seriously plan a common world of justice. War of ideas to build rational attitudes has to be a serious part of that plan and cannot be avoided for long.

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