Power of faith versus power of reason

October 18, 2013 at 06:54

Waseem Altaf:

Consider: the population of Pakistan is 20 crores. Let us assume there are 3 crore families and one third of those i.e. one crore offered a sacrificial animal on this Eid-ul-Azha. Now considering the average cost of an animal at rupee 15000, it would amount to a whopping 15000 crores- exhausted in one day.

Why: Because a person named Abraham, whose existence cannot be proven by any historical evidence, had a dream to slaughter /sacrifice his son. Why sacrifice him, he does not elaborate, while nowhere in the Qur’an does God say that it was God who told Abraham to sacrifice his son!

Now assuming that ‘He’ commanded him to sacrifice his son to test the father’s faithfulness- did he not know his level of obedience and submission, being God that he felt like trying him and putting him in such a difficult situation? What would ‘He’ have done had there been a sane person who had refused? No person with a little common sense would kill his son for a vision!

However when dealing with matters of faith, the aforementioned questions do no matter.
That is the power of faith!

Some supernatural power will punish us if we do not offer a sacrifice to God! And if schools and hospitals are constructed and loans and stipends for the poor and needy are sanctioned out of 15000 crore rupees, instead of pleasing Him and demonstrating our submission, he would throw us in hell!

However when dealing with matters of reason, the aforementioned questions do not matter.
That is the power of reason!

Post –script: What would have happened if Abraham had sacrificed his son Ismail? Today Muslims would have been slaughtering their own sons to please God.

And I would not be writing this, for my father, who was a very religious man, must have sacrificed me long time back.

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