Official Statement: Gaza Conflict and Shi’a Genocide in Pakistan

November 26, 2012 at 19:49

RSOP condemns the Israeli aggression on Gaza which lasted for last 2 weeks and left 162 people killed in Gaza and 5 in Israel. The initiation of peace process and Gaza truce is a positive step. The Israel-Gaza conflict should be resolved in a peaceful manner by negotiation and without any further bloodshed and UN should play its effective role. The recent efforts of UN were seemingly indifferent and ineffective. In such an exercise of violence against humanity, the hope of sensible world is associated with UN and it should play its due role.

The US’s role for reconciliation efforts was also not very commendable. Showing apathy towards the killings of innocent humans in the conflict shows a general lack of interest for the peace process in Middle East by US. Arab states also showed up at the very last moment only, when the commendable truce process had already been initiated by Egypt supporting the peace process with official statements of foreign Ministers of Arab States. This lack of apathy is highly disturbing at the part of Arab states.
RSOP also condemns the attacks on the Moharram processions in the last three days, which resulted in the deaths of 20 people and left dozens of others injured. The violence brewing in the country by fanatics is totally intolerable and is clearly brutal. The authorities are responsible for the safety of the citizens and controlling the sectarian violence by tackling the sources of ideological, financial and moral supports to the violence instigators. The wave of sectarian violence is growing stronger day by day and is still unaddressed at civil society, government and media levels. In the last few weeks many Hazara people in Balochistan became the victims of insurgency followed by the last three days attacks.
However, the major setback to this episode is the recurrent apathy of fellow citizens of Pakistan who by no means are showing any condemnation towards the sectarian violence, which is largely due to the massive and dangerous indoctrination by the fundamentalists. Fundamentalists work in colleges and schools by bringing up hateful literature and many religious clerics have been seen to be preaching hate in weekly religious sermons against specific sects since long, unnoticed/ignored by authorities. On the part of government, it is a larger management and governing failure and on the part of people, it is a disaster for the society, a disaster which rips off the social fabric of a civilised society. A need to publicly condemn and criticise sectarian violence is required at massive scale by the state and people at the same time, to effectively counter the instigating narrative of hate by the extremists.
The media and intellectuals have to play their fair role in this regard. RSOP takes the first step by publicly condemning this violence and urge fellow countrymen to show sensibilities towards the humanity. This important fact should also be understood that besides showing an emotional leaning (although selective) towards the atrocities against people in other parts of the world, we first need to keep our own house in order.

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