Global Humanism

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Mobarak Haider:

No phase of human history was good or bad in absolute terms. Humans have always struggled against atrocities and defects of nature. Every phase was a step of evolution.

We cannot romanticize primitive community life as ideal simply because there was no private property. Early humans were closer to their animal past. Herds of cattle can graze peacefully when there is lot of vegetation. Many gangs of aggressive carnivorous beasts have peace among themselves when food is abundant. There was no private ownership simply because there was no need for it and they did not know how to hold or store. Concept of ownership seems to have emerged with the growth of population and knowledge. Oxygen of our atmosphere is no body’s property because it is too abundant to be stored.
So what we need in addition to democracy is;
(1) an ability to produce more than we can store
(2) a solid human culture of sharing.
Abolition of private ownership is neither possible nor a solution if our minds are retarded or our ability to produce is limited. Peace is not possible without universal human resource development and universal sense of security. Although these ideals are hard to attain, yet these are the eternal human dreams that we shall never discard.

Only with advancement of science and intellect can we achieve the ideals of a truly human society. We must intensify our demand for the development of science and intellect in our societies instead of preaching conflict and class war.

Many enlightened professionals, scientists and humanist thinkers are forming associations to liberate science from corporate greed. Meanwhile democracy is empowering the common man so that people are pushing their governments to use their tax money for collective wellbeing. We can strongly hope that the new humanist science will emerge within this century.

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